Hostel Tierrasoles
Alsina 245 - San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina Tel/fax : 0260 4433449 - e-mail Contactar Hostel

Tierrasoles Hostel is situated in the south of Mendoza, in San Rafael`s City center, just 5 blocks from the bus terminal. Some of the hostels amenities are: Living room -with a 29'' TV, cable, DVD, VCR and a fireplace-, fully equipped kitchen, park with a barbecue and mud oven, 24/7 medical care. It has all been thought out for your comfort.
The South of Mendoza allows for the practice of a number of activities, from high mountain horseback riding towards spots of difficult access to extreme rafting grade 5 -the only one of its kind in the province- accompanied by the best guides. And it is all done surrounded by truly imposing nature: wide valleys, lakes, mountain rivers and eternal snows. In short, the ideal place to do some trekking, rappel, Tyrolese, kayaking five class, climbing, mountain biking, gliding. During summer you can enjoy a sleepover under the stars in the mountains, and during winter you can go skiing or snowboarding in Las Leñas ski resort… and accompanied with the regional cuisine, excellent wines and friendliness of the locals in San Rafael.